When to consider a workplace mediation process

5 Mar 2018

Conflicts and disputes at work can cost you time, money and the confidence of your colleagues and workers.

For this reason, fast conflict resolution at work is imperative for a happy workforce and a good working atmosphere.  Workplace mediation is an effective way of achieving this, with as little disruption as necessary.

Types of workplace mediation cases

Conflict resolution at work can involve anyone from directors to managers and other stakeholders.  In some cases, workplace mediation will also involve employment law solicitors and trade unions.

When employees or business partners have personal grievances or if there are allegations of harassment at work, mediation can be the most cost and time effective way of dealing with these issues, enabling you to get back to business.

These are just some examples of situations when workplace mediation would be beneficial.  Others include:

  • Harassment at work allegations
  • Bullying at work allegations
  • Discrimination at work allegations
  • Performance management grievances
  • Management methods grievances
  • Change management grievances
  • Behavioural issues
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Constructive dismissal claims
  • Flexible working issues
  • Sickness issues
  • Redundancy issues

Is workplace mediation cost effective?

Mediation can be used on its own as a way of escalating a workplace issue in a way that clearly displays senior management as facing the issue and dealing with it.  On its own, it can be far less expensive than taking legal action or running the risk of defending a claim at an employment tribunal.

Alongside formal procedures carried out internally, such as grievance and disciplinary procedures, workplace mediation can thrash out issues in a way that clearly outlines both sides of an argument and resolves it once and for all.

Arranging conflict resolution in the workplace

To speak to a mediator who can advise you about whether a specific situation is suitable for mediation and if so, how best to engage all parties involved to participate, call us today on 0800 63 41 777.


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