Commercial and civil mediation and dispute resolution

Fairlead Commercial Mediation are specialists in resolving business and civil disputes through mediation. Our team of highly qualified mediators have a wealth of experience in working with businesses and individuals to effectively resolve disputes by mediation.

Why try mediation?

Businesses and individuals know that disputes can waste both time and money. Mediation is assisted negotiation where a neutral mediator can help the parties overcome deadlock and reach a settlement.

The mediation process is:-

  • Flexible
  • Confidential
  • Without prejudice


  • The mediator is a neutral third party
  • The mediator actively assists parties to work towards an negotiated agreement
  • The parties are in control of the mediation

Arranging commercial and civil mediation

Our experts in dispute resolution and commercial and civil mediation are able to provide their services to businesses and individuals across the UK. Based in Leicester, our mediators are able to travel and subject to availability we are able to offer suitable accommodation to conduct a mediation at our offices free of charge.

To contact our commercial mediators today, call 0800 63 41 777 or email


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